1. Residents, family and guests shall have due regard for the comfort and enjoyment of other residents. Violations shall be subject to fines according to Section 25 of the Governing Documents and the Condominium Act.
  2. No pets.
  3. Leases shall be for a minimum of three (3) months. A copy of the lease must be given to the Board. Tenants must be approved by the Board before moving in.
  4. Maximum occupancy is as follows:
    1. Efficiency unit: 2 persons
    2. One-bedroom unit: 2 persons
    3. Two-bedroom unit: 4 persons
  5. No personal belongings may be left in common areas, whether lawns, pool area, walkways, stairwells or parking spaces or other areas not part of a specific unit.
  6. No walkways may be used for the riding of bicycles, tricycles, skateboards or rollerskates.
  7. The shuffleboard courts shall be used only for the playing of shuffleboard.
  8. Assigned parking spaces shall be used only by the residents or guests of that specific unit. All others shall be subject to being towed.
  9. No vehicle shall be backed into any parking space.
  10. The pool is restricted to the use of residents and their guests. All others shall be evicted.

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